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Joins Jenny Lewis, Audra McDonald, Karen Elson, Q-Tip in Music Issue


(New York, NY) - July 29, 2014 - With The Wall Street Journal debuting the title track to The Way I'm Livin' and USA Today building a 'Listen Up' playlist of the scorching Adam Wright song about consumption and surrender, Lee Ann Womack's first album in almost seven years is attracting attention from some very intriguing places. Today, Tory Burch features Womack and her upcoming album as part of her online "Music Issue."

"When we got the inquiry, I was puzzled," Womack admits, "because while I like clothes, I don't necessarily think of someone like Tory Burch and my kind of music. Then I heard some of the other artists she was doing, and I was pretty fired up."

Jenny Lewis, Audra McDonald, Q-Tip, Karen Elson, Sophie Auster, Anna Kendrick, Womack's good friend Holly Williams and rock critic Lisa Robinson. From alternative to chanteuse, hip hop to muse, pop, roots and evocateur, has singled out artists for the truly eclectic and exceptional.

From her first music memory to working with award-winning husband/producer Frank Liddell, the far-reaching interview takes the reader into the process of what is perhaps Womack's most provocative album. As a CMA Album of the Year award-winner (There's More Where That Came From), as well as Female and multiple Single and Vocal Events, Womack is known for pushing the boundaries of what modern country can contain.

"The questions and what they wanted to talk about fired me up," confesses the East Texan. "Not everybody wants to know where the songs come from, or why... How you bring something like this together, or how you let go of 'what you know' to figure out what you need. My favorite part? Talking about the relationship and responsibility you feel as a singer to the songwriter/artists whose songs you're recording!"

Shot in Tory Burch's Mexican hippie/peasant dress outside the House of Blues Studio in Nashville, the Grammy-winner is gearing up for the Sept. 23rd release. proclaimed her "Best Comeback" after her All 4 the Hall appearance and wrote of TWIL, "like something Merle Haggard or Waylon Jennings would have crafted back in the Seventies" and USA Today has called the single "irresistibly teasing" and Billboard weighed in with "She found the kernel of truth."

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