Getting Somewhere

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Track Listing

1. Work To Do
2. You'll Never Know
3. Hallelujah
4. Fairweather
5. New Year's Day
6. How She Does It
7. Where Are You
8. Take It So Hard
9. If It's Just For Today
10. Getting Somewhere


In a sea of very serious singer/songwriters, Allison Moorer hits a career high with an upbeat, infectious pop album in Getting Somewhere. Getting Somewhere is the sound of Allison Moorer finding her voice, finding her faith, finding her peace. Getting Somewhere means looking inward, confronting the past and forging a glad present and a hopeful future. In the process, she takes her artistry to the next level and revolutionizes her life. Produced by Steve Earle. ''Moorer's voice is a slow, side-of-the-mouth drawl one part bourbon, one part molasses'' -Rolling Stone