Track Listing

1. The Wrong Idea
2. On Ice
3. Locking Doors
4. Waltz For Dewayne Pomeroy
5. Empire Falls
6. I'm Nowhere And You're Everything
7. Jessamyr's Reel
8. The Believer
9. This Is All Real
10. Ready For Anything


Deceiver is quite a departure from the blistering instrumental bluegrass-esque leanings he cut his teeth on as a mandolin wunderkind. Deceiver also takes a bold, new route away from his subsequent solo work that featured his jazz/classical/progressive acoustic-style. In fact, Deceiver is the first Thile solo project to feature vocals, and only includes two instrumentals (palette cleansers). This album, exploring a rock direction, is the logical next step in the maturation of an artist who clearly heeds no boundaries and knows no limitations.