Cool, Blue, and Lonesome

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Track Listing

1. Lonesome Standard Time - Larry Cordle, Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time
2. Mis'ry River - Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
3. All Alone - Nashville Bluegrass Band
4. Can't You Hear Me Callin' - Boone Creek
5. Close By - Alan Bibey
6. Bad Day in Akron - Don Rigsby
7. Walk The Way The Wind Blows - Hot Rize
8. Used To Be - Kathy Kallick, Laurie Lewis, Jim Nunally, John Reischman, Tony Trischka, Todd Phillips
9. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome - Seldom Scene
10. Flat Broke And Lonesome - Lonesome River Band
11. Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow - Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice
12. Listenin' To The Rain - Osborne Brothers
13. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues - Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan
14. Short Life Of Trouble - Dudley Connell & Don Rigsby
15. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight - Jim Mills
16. Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight - Tim O'Brien, Mollie O'Brien, Ronnie McCoury, Richard Greene, Todd Phillips
17. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin - Mike Auldridge
18. Another Lonesome Day - Seldom Scene


Released close to Valentines Day, Cool, Blue and Lonesome: Bluegrass for the Broken-Hearted may be just the ticket for those surviving without red roses and heart-shaped candy boxes. After all, who wants to listen to some cheerful soul sing about their true love's kisses when their heart has been trampled on? Indeed, as soon as Larry Cordle starts singing "Lonesome Standard Time," the listener has found a bit of solace for his or her mangled self-esteem and salty tears. Doyle Lawson pours more sadness into that great big empty hole with "Mis'ry River," while the Nashville Bluegrass Band agree that there's no lower feeling than being "All Alone." From the sampling here, more men seem to have been left behind than women, which leads one to believe that Sugar Hill will eventually release a collection by women who were glad to see them go. For the occasional woman who isn't glad to be left alone and blue, Kathy Kallick and Laurie Lewis team up on "Used to Be," testifying that lonesomeness isn't completely gender related. While Cool, Blue and Lonesome is perfect for a train-wrecked relationship, the happily connected shouldn't avoid it. It a good collection of top-notch bluegrass artists, and besides, it doesn't hurt to have a first-rate, lonesome album in one's collection -- just in case. ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

Personnel: Tim O'Brien (vocals, tenor, guitar, mandolin, fiddle); Ricky Skaggs (vocals, tenor, guitar, mandolin); Don Rigsby (vocals, tenor, mandolin); Mollie O'Brien (vocals, tenor); Sammy Shelor, Ben Eldridge (vocals, guitar, banjo); Lou Reid , Peter Rowan (vocals, guitar, mandolin); Dan Tyminski, Dudley Connell, Jimmy Haley, John Duffey, Kathy Kallick, Kenny Smith , Larry Cordle, Paul Brewster, Tony Rice, Wes Golding (vocals, guitar); Fred Travers, Mike Auldridge (vocals, dobro); Alan O'Bryant, Sonny Osborne, Terry Baucom (vocals, banjo); Doyle Lawson, Bobby Osborne (vocals, mandolin); Nick Forster, Ronnie Bowman, T. Michael Coleman (vocals); Glen Duncan , Laurie Lewis (tenor, fiddle); Carl Jackson (tenor); Wayne Southards, Tim Surrett (baritone); Jerry Douglas (guitar, dobro); Jim Nunally, Jack Lawrence , Tim Stafford, Pat Enright, Charles Sawtelle (guitar); Ron Rigsby, Jim Mills, Mike Bub, Pete Wernick, Tony Trischka (banjo); Adam Steffey, John Reischman, Alan Bibey, Roland White, Ronnie McCoury, Butch Baldassari (mandolin); Ronnie Stewart, Gabe Witcher, Richard Greene , Aubrey Haynie, Stuart Duncan, Blaine Sprouse (fiddle).