King Mackerel and the Blues Are Running

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Track Listing

1. King Mackerel & The Blues Are Running
2. Corncake Inlet Inn
3. Food Chain
4. Timeless
5. Ain't That Something?
6. Joyride
7. Whose Idea Was This?
8. Down By The Edge Of The Sea
9. Georgia Rose
10. Sand Mountain Song
11. Sound Side
12. Shag Baby
13. Maco Light
14. To Catch A King
15. Home On The River
16. A Mighty Storm
17. I'm The Breeze
18. Beautiful Day


An independent musical first produced at the Corncake Inn on the outer banks of North Carolina. The writers Don Dixon and Bland Simpson, as well as musicians Jim Wann and Jim Brock, perform all the songs and act out all the characters. Most of the songs, including the title track, "Corncake Inlet Inn," and "Georgia Rose," are all brilliantly composed Americana tunes. When thrown together the songs capture of the essence coastal life. Independent country fans should enjoy this well crafted CD. ~ Curtis Zimmermann