Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions

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Track Listing

1. Branded
2. Country Boy Rock & Roll
3. Drifting Apart
4. Bridge Washed Out
5. A World Without You
6. Hummingbyrd
7. Hangman
8. Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten
9. Hard Working Man
10. I Run To You
11. Crazy Arms
12. Porter Wagoner’s Grave
13. Little Heartbreaker
14. Mississippi Railroad Blues


With his 14th studio album, Marty Stuart steadily continues to lead the charge in preserving the roots, culture and history of traditional country music.

“What inspires me now, is traditional country music,” says Stuart. “It’s the music I most cherish, the culture in which I was raised. It’s the bedrock upon which the empire of country music is built, the empowering force that provides this genre with lasting credibility. It’s beyond trends and it’s timeless. With all that being said, I found traditional country music to be on the verge of extinction. It’s too precious to let slip away. I wanted to attempt to write a new chapter.”