Track Listing

1. Striking Matches
2. Blind April
3. Live Again
4. Accordion
5. Mesothelioma
6. Mean Ol' Wind
7. The Good Dr.
8. Still Got You
9. Rich Man's Blues
10. Maria Sugarcane
11. Pretty Little Pennies
12. Had Enough
13. If You Stay
14. Friend



Brian Wright’s House on Fire boldly declares a new chapter in his life as a musician and producer. His two previous albums, Bluebird and Dog Ears were recorded with a live band in the studio, both in a span of three days. These were done in an attempt to capture the true essence of the band’s energy. House on Fire approached the recording process from a different angle. The album is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of Brian’s to play every instrument on the record. This album took time, craftsmanship, and a sustained passion to produce a sound that reflects Wright’s newest chapter in his journey as a musician and songwriter. The result is an album that truly reflects the man behind the voice. With House on Fire, Wright doesn’t just write songs, he composes short stories with images and characters, fusing the rural beauty of old time country with the echoes of rock n’ roll.

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