The Infamous Stringdusters

The Infamous Stringdusters

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High (Sierra) Praise from Jambase

"Things got crazy after 1 am, when things peaked out with The Jam of the Weekend (IMHO): a soaring, uplifting piece of group improv that took us into the stratosphere. The crowd erupted..."read all about it Read more...

Posted on 07/08/11 at 8:56pm


The Infamous Stringdusters are at the forefront of a new movement in bluegrass music. Their unmatched virtuosity has enabled them to take acoustic music to a completely new level. They wield an expansive repertoire touching on masters from Jimmy Martin to John Hartford, but their strength lies in their original compositions. Dedication to arrangements sets them apart and extended improvisation makes every performance completely unique. The live Stringdusters experience is anti-formulaic, groove friendly, and mind-expanding- not your granddaddy's bluegrass. Unless your granddaddy was Jerry Garcia.



"All The Same" from Things That Fly (2010)

"Magic #9", Grammy-nominated track from Things That Fly (2010)


Lovin' You - Live

Lovin' You - Live